Where Babies Come From

Newsflash: Adults don’t birth adults… they birth babies.

When “birthing” a new business, idea or position, treat it like your baby. 

Nobody frets over a baby pooping its diaper or sleeping all the time. Nobody gets frustrated when a toddler falls down when taking his/her first steps. Nobody gets discouraged when their young child fumbles over their words when learning to read.

So, why should we treat our newborn endeavor any differently?

Too many of us become discouraged or even defeated when our project doesn’t morph into adulthood in the first few years. You can’t microwave everything. Just stay the course. It takes time for ideas to develop, gain traction and find their way.

Patience, my friends, is your number one strategy to deploy. Enjoy the journey, day by day by day.

Here’s to making more babies! (137 words)

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