Audit This

A young lady recently shared with me that she pays for monthly tanning sessions. She was incredibly pale, so I just had to ask, right?

“Oh, I haven’t gone for nearly 4 years, but probably should,” she replied.

48 months x $35/mo. = #sadtimes 

Do you…

  • Pay for a landline but only use your cell?
  • Pay for cable, but mostly watch Netflix and local programming? 
  • Receive magazines you rarely read?
  • Eat out rather than pack a lunch? 
  • Own clothes/shoes you will never wear again? 
  • Hit the snooze bar (ok, I’ll cut you some slack with this one)

Maybe it’s time you audit your life as you prepare for this coming fall. Here’s to a fresh start, a lighter load and healthier bank account! (124 words)

*If you missed my Quitters Prosper post, check it out. You’ll feel more free than ever if you heed the suggestions offered up. Promise.

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