Are You a #Belieber?

Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and “The Bachelor” all employ an incredibly successful strategy for growing their business and expanding their brand. And, regardless of whether you are a fan or not, you should take note.

For a primer, below is each of their most recent posts:

Most companies expend a great deal of money and energy in attempts to garner new clients and customers. I certainly do. I’m guessing you, or the company you are employed with, follows suit.

The aforementioned celebrities and reality show don’t focus on growing their audience. Honest. Instead, they spend their resources and time building into and galvanizing the relationship with their CURRENT customers (a.k.a. fan base). When people feel “part of the brand” and “important” to a company, a person or a movement, they become passionate ambassadors, inviting others to join the party.

With hundreds of millions of connected fans worldwide, it sure seems to be working. (138 words)

How About You?

Does this resonate with you as you build your business? What about the company you work for, is it properly catering to and solidifying the relationships with those you already serve? Am I all wet? Click HERE to comment!


  1. Renae Peterson says:

    How true it is! I passed this onto our sales team, what a great reminder how valuable our loyal clients are. New is good but never forget the importance of developing the ‘old’. Thanks Brent!

  2. Way to take action and get this in front of your sales team, Renae, terrific leadership! We have been so ingrained with gaining new business and customers, that it’s a bit challenging to move away from it. However, if people would take stock of the customers that have departed, it would make them rise up and reengage with their, as you say, “loyal” current base. Sure appreciate you dropping by and sharing, thanks much!

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