Audit This

A young lady recently shared with me that she pays for monthly tanning sessions. She was incredibly pale, so I just had to ask, right?

“Oh, I haven’t gone for nearly 4 years, but probably should,” she replied.

48 months x $35/mo. = #sadtimes 

Do you…

  • Pay for a landline but only use your cell?
  • Pay for cable, but mostly watch Netflix and local programming? 
  • Receive magazines you rarely read?
  • Eat out rather than pack a lunch? 
  • Own clothes/shoes you will never wear again? 
  • Hit the snooze bar (ok, I’ll cut you some slack with this one)

Maybe it’s time you audit your life as you prepare for this coming fall. Here’s to a fresh start, a lighter load and healthier bank account! (124 words)

*If you missed my Quitters Prosper post, check it out. You’ll feel more free than ever if you heed the suggestions offered up. Promise.


  1. Brent
    That was wonderful

  2. Yay for a lighter load, and definitely more #leaderbird 🙂

  3. Kimmmmm! You’re like the sweetest thang… thank you for your note. #missyoulots

  4. Well, that’s sure nice of you to say, Gloria… thank you! So glad you stopped by the nest for a quick read. Blessings on you! #muchlove

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