The “Do-Over” is Your Best Move

It happened, again. I walked into our house after a pretty lousy day and was greeted by my cheery wife who just got home from an apparently really good day. I had a choice to make; allow her to continue in her joy, or bring her down to my level as misery certainly loves company. I chose the latter. No!!!

Hey, can I try that, again?” I asked. She responded with a “That’d be swell” nod and wink. After comically moonwalking out the door, I took a deep breath and reentered. “Hi, gorgeous, it’s good to be home, even better to see you!” She planted a big one on me and we laughed.

Do-overs should occur often with your kids, boss, classroom, parents, spouse, coworkers and friends. It’s what leaders do.

I’m getting better at do-overs, but it sure is humbling. (140 words)


  1. Dang it! Wish I read this yesterday! But greatful for the reminder today;)

  2. Haha! Oh, I know…Kim called me yesterday to vent. It’s all good now, there’s your freebie. 🙂 Hope you enter the New Year putting out Do-Overs like a boss!

  3. This is very powerful. It is NOT easy to do . But after Ron’s death Ihad to choose JOY in spite of my circumstances. I tell people it is an act of your will. Everyday we have a choice. I love that you moon walked out that door & did a do over.

  4. Oh, Julie…thanks for sharing your honest perspective. So easy NOT to choose joy, right? You are an inspiration to WAY more people than you’ll ever know, both near and far. Sure love and miss you. Praying 2015 will bring peace and life to you.

  5. Brent, you are on point with this!

  6. Thanks, Drew! it’s so easy to blow right by the opportunity to try again, isn’t it? Gotta daily be committed to swallowing the ‘humility pill’ and do the right thing. Hope all is well, my friend, sure appreciate you stopping by!!!

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