Where Babies Come From

Newsflash: Adults don’t birth adults… they birth babies.

When “birthing” a new business, idea or position, treat it like your baby. 

Nobody frets over a baby pooping its diaper or sleeping all the time. Nobody gets frustrated when a toddler falls down when taking his/her first steps. Nobody gets discouraged when their young child fumbles over their words when learning to read.

So, why should we treat our newborn endeavor any differently?

Too many of us become discouraged or even defeated when our project doesn’t morph into adulthood in the first few years. You can’t microwave everything. Just stay the course. It takes time for ideas to develop, gain traction and find their way.

Patience, my friends, is your number one strategy to deploy. Enjoy the journey, day by day by day.

Here’s to making more babies! (137 words)

Audit This

A young lady recently shared with me that she pays for monthly tanning sessions. She was incredibly pale, so I just had to ask, right?

“Oh, I haven’t gone for nearly 4 years, but probably should,” she replied.

48 months x $35/mo. = #sadtimes 

Do you…

  • Pay for a landline but only use your cell?
  • Pay for cable, but mostly watch Netflix and local programming? 
  • Receive magazines you rarely read?
  • Eat out rather than pack a lunch? 
  • Own clothes/shoes you will never wear again? 
  • Hit the snooze bar (ok, I’ll cut you some slack with this one)

Maybe it’s time you audit your life as you prepare for this coming fall. Here’s to a fresh start, a lighter load and healthier bank account! (124 words)

*If you missed my Quitters Prosper post, check it out. You’ll feel more free than ever if you heed the suggestions offered up. Promise.

When You’re 18. Again.

I’ve been asked to speak to a couple hundred high school seniors tomorrow morning with the requested subject matter along the lines of “What Can You Expect From Here On Out?” Good question, right?

I sat in that exact gymnasium 35 years ago and wondered the same thing. We’ve all been there. Some of us attended college, others jumped right into the marketplace or joined the service. It can be an exciting time, but also a daunting stage of life.

I hope to give them a sense of confidence and freedom as they move on from their friendly confines.

I’m curious… what would YOU want to tell your 18 year-old self, knowing what you now know? What bit of advice or encouragement would you give? Please leave a Comment below … I just might steal your material. 

Wish me luck. (140 words)

Graduates: The Danger of Playing it Safe

What are you going to do with your one and only life?

You get one shot. It’s gonna fly by…just ask your parents.

How you decide to spend your life starts today. And, every day. I implore you to make a life, not just a living.

Truth is, your work takes up most of your time. Thus, you’ll need to ask yourself, “Am I excited about my day ahead? Do my gifts and passions line up with what I’m producing?”

If not, stop. Not necessarily cold turkey, but start planning an exit and find or create a new endeavor.

You might disappoint or worry your parents. Others may roll their eyes. But, this is YOUR life, not theirs.

The regrets of the aged are opportunities missed, ventures not attempted. Your mistakes and failures? You won’t even remember them. Trust me.

Go create your future and never (ever!) play it safe. (139 words)

My Go-To Productivity Tools

As a multiple business owner and entrepreneur who’s always on the go, I need tools that keep me organized, efficient and productive. (At least to the best of their ability!) I’m often asked how I keep track of all my endeavors. My short answer? Smoke and mirrors.

Truth is, I’ve learned to leverage the tools really smart folks created and designed for people like you and me that have lots of irons in the fire…which is nearly everyone, right?

“You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” – Steve Jobs

Tools are only as good as your commitment and consistency in using them. A membership to a health club doesn’t get you in shape if you don’t enter the door. (See last tool on the list)

I use these tools daily and am confident they will help you become more productive: (133 words…if you stop now)

Evernote – This is my digital notebook where I write, collect information (website links, articles, photographs, voice memos, etc.), jot down ideas and more.

Trello – It’s my visual (I like to see stuff) way of managing projects and doubles as a to-do list. Bye-bye sticky notes!

Slack – Best. App. Ever. If you’re collaborating on a project with a few others, and you hate email threads…this is for you. My sons and I use it for Empyres every day.

Overcast – I encouraged you to enter the world of podcasts here a while back. I listen to two or three each day and night with this app.

Dashlane – Because you forget your passwords, too. Stop wasting time searching…your passwords are all here.

Snap Fitness – My energy level, clarity of thought and creativity are directly related to my fitness regimen. Don’t skimp on this. Ever.

Any tools/apps that you utilize that we should know about? Please share them with us!