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I like keeping it real, especially when it comes to my reading material. However, I would like to escape the information overload this  summer, so I’m leaning on you for some suggestions. I rarely (ok, never) read fictional books, and not sure where to start.

My nose is currently in these non-fiction gems:

The Mrs. says “50 Shades of Grey” is not an option. Buzzkill.

Reply below with your favs and spread the literary love! (91 words)


  1. Drew, you’re s stud! Thanks for sharing the link, totally combing through the list tonight and ordering me up a little sumpin’-sumpin’. Dang! Keep it cool, man.

  2. Beckett says:

    My fav is Redeeming Love. May be too girly for you, though. Love Nicholas Sparks….you should try some poetry!

  3. Is Fabio on the cover?! 🙂 I do know that I love the movie “The Notebook”…I believe he wrote that book. I’ll give his writing a looksie, girly cred coming my way! Yes, some poetry sprinkled throughout the week might be just the escape hatch I’m looking for. Thanks for sharing, Beckett!

  4. So the Mrs. says 50 Shades of Grey is out but she didn’t say anything about 50 Shades of Beige, which I believe is a parody! Just kidding! I’m wrapping up Kite Runner and The Fault in Our Stars and then moving on to Book Thief. Enjoy your summer reading choices! And may the bugs not bother you while you are reading on your deck!

  5. Flesh: Hugh halter

  6. If you are game for a ‘slim volume’ (it’s a short read), and on the ‘quirky’ side, you might like Olive Kittridge. Each chapter is about the people surrounding and touching Olive’s life. It’s good food for thought, but not too deep. (fiction)

  7. Haha, Deanna! I’ll need to check out the Family Friendly version. 🙂 I keep seeing Kite Runner staring back at me when at Barnes & Noble…maybe I’ll give it a read. I like your other suggestions, as well. The skeeters will be out in full force, but we are armed with spray to the max!

  8. Just read the review, Mark, totally picking this one up! I’m not gonna get any work done because reading this summer. Oh, well! Thanks for the recommendation, will keep you posted.

  9. I’m a huge fan of ‘slim’ reads! Olive Kittridge sounds very intriguing…got it on my list and will read before July hits. You’re the best, thank you for chiming in!!!

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