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I came home one day last week and my wife had written this short excerpt upon some reading she had done. I asked her if I could post it on leaderbird, she obliged. I’ll be giving nightly back rubs for a year, but it’s worth it. I will be posting again on Friday as it’s the one year anniversary of leaderbird. Enjoy! (but, not too much…you know how insecure I can be)


by Becky Stromme

When we bought our home 10 years ago, it had my “top three” desires: space for a hammock, a clothesline, and a beautiful fireplace. It also included one unexpected perk…an apple tree! I was thrilled, to say the least.  Moving in during the fall, I anticipated the following spring with a smile, excited to watch the tree go from full bloom to producing apples.  And, oh, did I have great plans for those abundant apples.

To my dismay, there were only a few blossoms that spring, and the apples were deformed and inedible.  I still had hope, knowing  that apple trees ebb and flow. However, the following spring yielded the very same, disappointing results. Hope was fading.

After a number of years, we finally cut the tree down, resolving that it wasn’t going to miraculously change.

So, we started over. Nothing wrong with that.

RESOLUTION: Do you have influences or behaviors (cynicism, media, fear, lack of wisdom, etc.) causing you to produce bad fruit? What or who in your life is causing you to be less effective, less caring, or even less productive in the fruits of your labor? It may sound harsh, but perhaps it’s time to identify and cut off that influence or break away from a bad habit as you begin 2014….because life flies by.

If So Moved: Read Matthew 7:17-20. Notice the thoughts, behaviors or relationships this reading brings to mind.


  1. Bob Anderson says:

    I’m my own enemy. How can I cut off myself? Oh, wait, the old man is dead. I know! I should stop listening to the fetid corpse that still manages to speak.

  2. The “man in the mirror” can make it tricky at times. My most recent felled tree is pessimism. It causes me to be cranky and negative…I’m choosing optimism and it is much lighter to carry. So I guess I can relate to the enemy within. We can do this! Fetid corpse? #smartiepants

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