Truth is, I’m just too focused. I need to let my thoughts and actions spill out in a variety of places and ways this week.” – no one ever

While widely known as the two wealthiest people in America ($150bn combined), Bill Gates and Warren Buffett share something else in common that eludes me quite often.

“When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffett, their host at dinner, Gates’ mother, asked everyone around the table to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in their success through life. Gates and Buffett gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.” – The Snowball by Alice Schroeder

You don’t lack focus due to distractions. You lose focus for lack of priorities.

Time to get out your paper and pen, right? Do it.

Small Ball for Business

“In the sport of baseball, small ball is an informal term for an offensive strategy in which the batting team emphasizes placing runners on base and then advancing them into scoring position for a run in a deliberate, methodical way.” – Wikipedia

Let’s be honest. Power hitters, whether in baseball, politics or business, are sexy. They grab attention and headlines.

Me? I’m a singles hitter. I sometimes steal a base or two, lay down a bunt and draw a walk from time to time. I haven’t hit too many home runs in my business ventures. I’ve struck out plenty. But, I keep walking up to the plate each day attempting to advance my vision and plan and meet my customer’s/client’s needs.

A small baller might not make the news or even the local paper, but she can make a difference, inning by inning, day by day. Deliberately. Methodically.

Small ball does work in business and life, but you need to step up to the plate every single day. Are you? #herebatterbatterbatter

We’re All in the Same Boat

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. – unknown

Oh, sure…this quote plays well on a t-shirt or a college dorm poster, but it’s certainly more difficult to swallow when applied to our current situation, right?

  • New (or, old) parent? Rough waters straight ahead.
  • Job hunt? You’re probably seasick.
  • Health issues? Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
  • Tackling school? No land in sight.
  • Dating scene? Man overboard!
  • Financial picture? Bailing, bailing, bailing.

Even so, don’t abandon ship or drop anchor. Allow these rough waters to refine you, not define you. Face the wind. When you keep sailing and learning and struggling and growing and sharing…you inspire all those at sea.

Coffee and the Opera

The older I get, the more I enjoy how differently people are wired. If it were up to me, you’d be drinking soda and attending hockey games. Aren’t you glad I’m not in charge of the world? Love what you love and allow others to do the same. Being in the majority is often overrated.

Instagraming the Baby Jesus

If Joseph and Mary had a smart phone, they would have missed the silent night. Joseph would’ve been preoccupied finding the right angle and then become exasperated while selecting the most flattering filter (especially with such “crappy lighting in here, people!”). Mary most likely would have rejected the initial pics as it wasn’t her “best side”. Don’t even get me started on the sheep.

Some events need not be captured this holiday season. Set the phone down, make room for silence, breathe in peace and enjoy a night of unorchestrated moments. I’ll try to do the same.