the real brent

Since I’d probably only mention some good things about me and my experiences, I thought I’d let some others tell you exactly who (they think) I am…gulp:

I’ve known Brent for 23+ years, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative word come out of his mouth. Well, except when he’s watching MN sports teams. Need some encouraging? Drop him a line, you’ll see what I mean.  Tim (good friend and confidant)

Whenever I hear Brent speak at a conference, or keynote an event, I think, “Man, I could do this.” Kidding! He engages an audience like none other, and can tell a story better than anyone I’ve ever heard, seriously.  Brenda (business owner)

My dad still owes me $314.66…pony up!  Robbie  (#2 son)

Who walks away from full-time ministry after 17 years in order to make a bigger dent in the Kingdom and to spend more time in the trenches with people? Um, this one former pastor I know…his name rhymes with dent. Bob (pastor friend)

If you run a business, and want to actually “lead” your team, then Brent is someone to glean wisdom and insight from. He’ll be the first to admit (or, second…I’d beat him to the punch) that he still falls short in leading people, but he’s learned much along the way and can help steer you past minefields and help find pots of gold at the end of the leadership rainbow. Dave (fellow business associate)

Brent is a tremendous husband (in case he’s reading this). He has taken me and the boys on wild adventures in this life, if only in our living room and on our property. There’s never a dull moment with him, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. If he says he cares about you, just know that he means every word. If I wasn’t married to him, I would surely want to be.  Becky (wife/best friend)

If there’s one thing I’d ask Brent to change…it would probably be his underwear. He’s always on the move and just forgets from time to time. Trust me, I know!  Steve (fairly anonymous family member)

The dude is really smart. But, mostly a smart…alec (kept it clean, Gert!)  Josh (business partner) 

Maybe I’ll stop there, yikes.