Stop Setting Goals!

Probably won't see that on a bumper sticker or fridge magnet, eh? Goals aren't inherently bad, but they can dishearten us. We languish in a state of "not quite there, yet" until we reach it. And then what...another goal? Most of our time is spent … [Continue reading]

A Year of Imperfection

Nailed it! Lots of hiccups, knockdowns and failures littered my 2015 landscape, and planning to make even more mistakes in 2016. Perfection breeds inaction for most of us. Maybe it's time you lowered the bar and got in the game. Start that … [Continue reading]

But, What if it Works?

As Follows: "Doubters" / Leaders "Taxis have a monopoly, they're not going anywhere." / Uber ($51.0 billion) "Rent your couch to perfect strangers, are you nuts?" / Airbnb ($25.5 billion) "Who wants to take photos that disappear? Dumb." / … [Continue reading]

Facebook Did What?!

1 in every 7 people on the planet used Facebook yesterday. Did you? It marks the first time in its history that more than 1 billion people were using the site in a single day. Facebook has come a long way since 2004 … [Continue reading]

When Your Pants are on Fire

Dishonesty is exhausting. And, it's sneaky. Nobody wakes up in the morning asking the question, "What shall I lie about today?" We all intend to speak the truth, to be real, to be open and honest. But, happens. So, we hide. A … [Continue reading]