But, What if it Works?

As Follows: "Doubters" / Leaders "Taxis have a monopoly, they're not going anywhere." / Uber ($51.0 billion) "Rent your couch to perfect strangers, are you nuts?" / Airbnb ($25.5 billion) "Who wants to take photos that disappear? Dumb." / … [Continue reading]

Facebook Did What?!

1 in every 7 people on the planet used Facebook yesterday. Did you? It marks the first time in its history that more than 1 billion people were using the site in a single day. Facebook has come a long way since 2004 … [Continue reading]

When Your Pants are on Fire

Dishonesty is exhausting. And, it's sneaky. Nobody wakes up in the morning asking the question, "What shall I lie about today?" We all intend to speak the truth, to be real, to be open and honest. But, then...life happens. So, we hide. A … [Continue reading]

Podcasts: A New Way to Grow

I used to listen to talk radio for hours while driving in my car. I used to put on headphones and sing along to my favorite songs while mowing, running or chilling on the deck. Not anymore. Because life flies by, I've decided to … [Continue reading]

Why My Commencement Speech Bombed

I wish I could have a “do-over”. In light of tonight’s graduation ceremony in our sleepy, little lake community, I was reminded of perhaps the worst talk I have ever given. (believe me…I just read it, again, and should immediately send an apology to … [Continue reading]