Podcasts: A New Way to Grow

I used to listen to talk radio for hours while driving in my car. I used to put on headphones and sing along to my favorite songs while mowing, running or chilling on the deck. Not anymore. Because life flies by, I've decided to … [Continue reading]

Why My Commencement Speech Bombed

I wish I could have a “do-over”. In light of tonight’s graduation ceremony in our sleepy, little lake community, I was reminded of perhaps the worst talk I have ever given. (believe me…I just read it, again, and should immediately send an apology to … [Continue reading]

What Others Don’t See

  You astound me with your ability to see things that I don't. Perspectives I've never had, ideas that are foreign to me. You are able to unearth beauty in seemingly mundane places and recognize possibilities in people I routinely pass … [Continue reading]

Don’t Be Offended

I've spent an awful lot of my life worrying about what other people thought of me. Whether it was my appearance, ideas, habits, music and food choices or my decision making, I would always wonder what "they" were wondering. And, it would paralyze … [Continue reading]

Here We Go, Again

I wrote "Release and Replace" one year ago on Ash Wednesday and the response was tremendous. Emails, texts, phone calls and comments of "I so need to raise the bar in my life" came flooding in. If you're anything like me, I tend to forget. So, here … [Continue reading]