The Smell Test

NOTE: My dad would have been 86 years old today. Instead, he’s ageless in glory with his Savior. I wrote about him in leaderbird’s inaugural post one year ago today, you can read it HERE. His life and legacy live on inside of me, my family and countless others. My dad was leaderbird.


Whether leaving a conversation, a room or this life, Roger Curtis Stromme left a fragrance of value and hope. You never wondered  if he thought you were the most important person in the room. And, he always smelled good, literally and figuratively. In business, in family life or in the community, he passed the smell test. Every time. Honesty has a sweet aroma, insincerity and selfish ambition reek.

How about you? Are you a sweet fragrance to those in your life? Leaders who make a difference are known for putting people ahead of profit, serving ahead of status, and grace instead of grudges.

You will leave a conversation. You will leave a room. You will leave this earth. Your gift to those who remain, is to be missed greatly.

Life flies by…make 2014 your best smelling year ever. (137 words)

Happy Birthday, dad. Love, Brent


  1. Wish I had the chance to meet the patriarch LeaderBIrd 🙂 but feel like I have thru your fam.

    Grace instead of grudges, easier said then done lately but soooo worth the investment!

  2. Brent, ‘Rog’ was indeed a sweet fragrance in our lives. I have such fond memories of visits with Aunt Gert and Uncle Roger! All of their kids (yes, including you, Brent) are a wonderful reflection of his warmth, humor, and integrity.

  3. You would have loved him, Kim…and he would have loved you. I’m with ya on that grace/grudges deal, but you’re right on…no greater investment than to be free of weighty resentment, right? Thanks for flying in, you’re always welcome at my nest. 🙂

  4. Sara, your words lifted my spirit today…and well into 2017! I sure love you. I would be so honored to have my nieces and nephews say the same about me. Thanks for sharing your words, I am truly blessed to be a part of my family, immediate AND extended! Love to your family today.

  5. Brent…just so you know I think you smell pretty great yourself! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE your ending…”You will leave a conversation. You will leave a room. You will leave this earth. Your gift to those who remain, is to be missed greatly.” Keeping this quote close at heart! Happy Birthday to your Dad who I know is smiling down on you EVERY DAY!

  6. Brent,
    Roger was one of a kind and a good friend. I can still hear his laugh today.

  7. Wow, Chris…your words are like sweet music to my soul, thank you! Sure appreciate you stopping by and sharing. And, for thinking I smell ok. 🙂 Love you!

  8. You are spot on, Clarence, a one of a kind, indeed. You mentioning his laugh just made me close my eyes and hear him once, again…love that you remember that wonderful part of his demeanor. He was always a good (easy) audience. Your laugh ain’t too shabby, either, my friend. 🙂 Sure appreciate you sharing. Blessings on you and yours!

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