A Year of Imperfection

Nailed it! Lots of hiccups, knockdowns and failures littered my 2015 landscape, and planning to make even more mistakes in 2016.

Perfection breeds inaction for most of us. Maybe it’s time you lowered the bar and got in the game.

  • Start that diet…even if you don’t stick with it
  • Ask for a raise…even though it’s a long shot
  • Begin a book…even if you don’t finish it
  • Ask for forgiveness…even if it won’t be granted
  • Give to charity…even if money’s tight
  • Pray…even if God feels distant
  • Publish that blog post…even if it’s not your best work (gulp)

I’m embarking on a new endeavor (details to come) with two of my best friends in 2016. It could be the next big thing…or, a colossal failure. Either way, we’re getting off our duffs and into the ring.

Here’s to an even more imperfect 2016…who’s with me? (140 words)

But, What if it Works?

As Follows: “Doubters” / Leaders

“Taxis have a monopoly, they’re not going anywhere.” / Uber ($51.0 billion)

“Rent your couch to perfect strangers, are you nuts?” / Airbnb ($25.5 billion)

“Who wants to take photos that disappear? Dumb.” / Snapchat ($16.0 billion)

“Wait, your goal is to enable people to live on other planets? Haha!” / SpaceX ($12 billion)

“Ads will kill that music app, nobody likes ads.” / Spotify ($8.5 billion)

“So, you wear a camera on your head? Why?” / GoPro ($5.5 billion)

Leaders weed out doubters and make things happen. It’s time for you to step up.

You have an idea. I know you do. Don’t waste time galvanizing public opinion. Spend time on a plan and begin to execute on it. This week.

Need direction or encouragement? Drop me a line, I’m happy to help. I just may need your idea someday. (138 words)

Company Valuation source: Wall Street Journal

Where Hump Days Don’t Exist

I led a team to the slums of Caracas, Venezuela, to deliver much needed supplies, clothing and help repair a school.

The people we encountered were the poorest of the poor, living upon garbage dumps alongside rivers poisoned with raw sewage. Extremely crowded conditions, rampant crime and lack of employment added to the challenge of living day to day. But, they did.

Long days and nights in sweltering heat blurred the calendar.

Working alongside Oscar, a local leader, one morning, I asked, “What day is it?” His response was telling. “New day.” I retorted, “Yes, I know…but, is it Wednesday?”

“No. New day!” Again, “So, it’s Thursday?” (I just needed to know, ugh!) He flashed his toothless smile. “Brent, here, every day is just new day.” 

Since then, I’ve had no Hump Days. And, tomorrow isn’t Thursday, it’s “new day”. 

Live fully in it. Just like Oscar. (140 words)

The Art of Trying

 Ahhh…remember how it felt the last time you had all your “ducks in a row”? Yeah, me neither.

I’m meeting with a guy next week that wants to run his small business idea past me. Two weeks ago while at Virginia Tech, I listened to lots of young entrepreneurs share their startup company ideas with me. (The Next Big Thing post)

My advice to all of them? Just try it.

Enough with the calculating, planning, mapping, budgeting, analysis and strategery. (SNL clip)

Try, already!

Edison did…a lot. Lincoln, too. So did Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg. Your parents tried (and, voilà!…here you are), your grandparents and great grandparents were the connoisseurs of trying.

Write that book. Learn a craft. Steal a kiss. Break that habit. Ask for forgiveness. Propose. Take dancing lessons. Pray. Reach across the aisle.

You won’t be judged for trying. (If you are, send me their address.)

Stop staring at your “Bucket List”.

Try.  (139 words)

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

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My epitaph just may read, “Well, he tried.”

For you old-timers…remember this one? (if you don’t see the video player, click HERE)