The Crabby Cashier

Me:  “Hi, Jennifer, how’s your day going?

Her:  “Fine.”

Me:  “Cold stretch of weather, huh?”

Her:  “That’ll be $14.39.”

Me:  “Ok, enjoy your day!”

Her:   “Next.”

Every time, seriously. I buy stuff which allows her to be employed, and this is my reward?

Looking for more than a one word response, I jumped into her line Friday night (glutton for punishment, I know) and asked, “What does Christmas look like for you this year?”

Silence. A deep breath. And, then…

She told of her husband’s tragic death in April, and how challenging this Christmas will be for her and their four children. Oh, my. We spent 10 minutes (it’s a small town, not many customers) chatting about life, death, her family.

When leaving, she implored, “Don’t wait to enjoy life, to follow your dreams…we’re not promised tomorrow.”

I don’t always have the whole story. It’s easy to make assumptions, pass judgment, and even write people off. It’s not always easy to be full of grace. May you and I lead in loving without condition this holiday season…and, forevermore. (140 words)

Interestingly: 2000 years ago, a young, teenage girl became pregnant, and the rumors flew. Her fiance was confused and scared, but, stuck by her side. I might have easily dismissed her, as well, back in the day. I’m just glad I get to be on this side of that story.


  1. So true Brent. Not long ago our Pastor gave a sermon & part of it was saying just that… we don’t know the whole story in other people’s lives – when they are crabby with us, or ‘short’ with us or ignore us. Many times if we only stop & ask or show concern we may find out there’s a lot more going on in their lives. As you’ve always said (& do well living out!) “Love God, LOVE people!” Thanks for the reminder this busy Christmas season.

  2. Now I REALLY like your pastor! 🙂 I think of the times that I have “stuff” going on in my life and people are grace-filled toward me…it’s life-giving. Thanks for being so encouraging…we need to be neighbors or something. Love to you and yours!

  3. It has really helped me be a happier person to think like that. Do I always remember? Of course not, but I do know that life is full of hard. Thanks for the reminder to stop, think and make sure I’m not the one adding to the hard in a person’s life.

  4. I like the way you think, what a good heart you have. If only we could all make it our goal such as you have, what a wonderful world it would really be. You’re right on…the key is to actually STOP, then think about our next words or actions. Kudos to you and the people who get to do life with you. Thanks for sharing, Beckett!

  5. So glad you wrote this blog – been thinking about it all day. Instead of the crabby cashier it was more like me being the ‘crabby shopper’ today! People were moving like snails, leaving their carts in the aisles blocking the way – stopping & talking to others so other people couldn’t get through the aisles. Ugh! But I kept thinking about your blog & by the time I was finishing up my shopping I was in a “Merry Christmas” kind of mood again! The clerks/cashiers I dealt with all seemed to be in a good mood today. Some days it’s just a challenge for me, though. 😉

  6. Ha! Love your story, Sue…and, so appreciate and admire your honesty. Sometimes the tables do get turned, don’t they? I bet the clerks/cashiers loved seeing your smiling face in the end. Proud of you!

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