The Next Big Thing

“But, I’m just finally getting comfortable with the current thing.” Get over it.

*Are you in the same camp as Louis C.K. in this short clip?

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Nobody’s happy? Maybe it’s just some healthy discontent. (too much of a “glass half-full” guy here?)

I addressed students at Virginia Tech University this week regarding start-up companies, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. These are the best and brightest minds on the planet, and I was blown away by their ideas and moxie.

After spending time listening to what they are dreaming up, designing and developing, let me just say this: If you thought things have changed rapidly over the past 20 years, you ain’t seen nothin’, yet. 

From trying on new clothing in a virtual setting to shutting off the lights in your house by nodding your head, these students are bringing ideas to fruition that soon will change our daily lives.

To me, these ARE the glory days! (139 words)

Do you agree or disagree?

For Fun (hey, it’s Friday, come on!): What “brilliant” idea have you had rolling around in your mind that you would love to become reality someday? SHARE HERE!


  1. Love the Louis CK clip! How we quickly forget what a miracle our tecnical lives are today!

  2. Totally agree with your sentiment, Carla. Personally, at 50 years of age, it’s been intriguing to be part of the pre-tech era and now immersed in tech-nirvana (love it!). Thanks for flyin’ in, sure appreciate it. Hey, peeps, Carla’s new book “Idea to iPhone” is now out! Check it out at Way to go, Carla!!!!

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