When Your Pants are on Fire

Dishonesty is exhausting.

And, it’s sneaky. Nobody wakes up in the morning asking the question, “What shall I lie about today?” We all intend to speak the truth, to be real, to be open and honest.

But, then…life happens. So, we hide. A lot.

I’ve gone days (heck, weeks!) where I’ve been a shell of myself, portraying a different, new and improved version of Brent Stromme for fear of being found out or not being accepted as I am.

Not anymore. I grew weary of inflating numbers, covering bases, and spinning stories.

There’s nothing more freeing than being completely honest. On the flip-side, isn’t it refreshing to hear someone tell it like it truly is?

Speaking the truth has become a daily habit. I’m still tempted to hide, but now I fight it.

Tomorrow’s a new day. Fill it with truth. (139 words)


  1. Becky Stromme says:

    Honestly AMAZING! I heard a leader on a podcast talk about verbal precision. I loved that. Thanks for sharing…I’m proud to know you and love watching your life!


  2. Wow…your words are truly humbling, thank you. I like “verbal precision”, totally stealing that phrase! Sure appreciate you stopping by and sharing your words. Blessings on your day! #truth

  3. Finally. I’ve only waited weeks for a new post… #thatsthetruth

    You have a way with words! See you soon?!

  4. Ha! Aw, thanks…you’re like the nicest. 🙂 I sure hope so…let’s get it on the calendar! #missyoulots

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